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Direct 3D solver
Imagine any modern elevator having to stop at all the intermediate floors instead of directly getting you to the one you want. If an elevator is smart enough to overcome this potential problem, why is it that contemporary solvers, equipped with smart algorithms, have to iterate again and again before converging to the solution?. Edasys introduces Cygnus, the first Direct 3D solver with linear scalability destined for large-scale problems, dealing with an equations system which must be solved multiple times: electromagnetic scattering, inductance matrix extraction (magnetostatics) and capacitance matrix extraction (electrostatics).
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That's where we came in.

Weaving a mosaic of innovation, we created a distinctive brand to express the ingenuity of a group of dynamic young scientists. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what market perceives as dynamic and scientific, setting new standards for the field.
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Accelerate the digital transformation.

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