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Nuts & Chocolate
Greece-based Aleoy is a new brand in Nuts, Dried Fruits & Chocolate. Its entire line consists of high-quality products mostly from their land or other Greek farmers. They saw the potential to promote and sell their products on a large scale through the internet and expand their customer base and business operations by adding value to the market. To make it happen they needed a great branding. That's where we came in.
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That's where we came in.

Design a branding initiative to pave the way for the launch of a new brand. Together with the team at Aleoy, we launched a branding effort, helping Aleoy introduce new products and spark new growth for their business. We were able to effectively imagine the Aleoy brand to better reflect the demands of their audience and the future of the brand, while also helping launch a new electronic marketplace that could bring the producers directly to the consumer.


Accelerate the digital transformation


Branding / Digital Strategy / Website Design & Development / Graphic Design


After Effects, Figma, Wordpress, Illustrator
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