Increased website traffic indicates that a popular search engine, among other factors, is ranking your content highly and placing your website prominently on the search engine results page. The higher your position in search results, the more visitors your website or online shop will attract. However, understanding how algorithms behind search engines works, is essential for achieving this. A good starting point is the most famous search engine: Google, which tells us "Our mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

In essence, Google aims to deliver information that users find valuable. To secure high rankings, it's crucial to create content that is both accessible and beneficial. But who is your target audience? While you could cater to various demographics, achieving high rankings alone may not attract the specific audience your business needs. Therefore, focus your SEO efforts on reaching the precise audience aligned with your goals.

This implies that the information you offer must be readily accessible to both users and search engines. Moreover, it should contribute something unique to your target audience and topic in comparison to existing web content. Therefore, strive to produce original content that sets you apart from other blogs, articles, or websites catering to the same audience demographic.

The more distinctive your content, the more it showcases your expertise. Emphasize quality over quantity, concentrating on delivering pertinent and actionable information tailored to your audience's needs and interests.

Heightened credibility correlates with amplified profits.

Human inclination leans towards collaborating with individuals well-versed in their field. By ensuring your content aligns with the interests of your target audience, you enhance the likelihood of becoming the preferred and accepted brand. Original content that distinguishes itself and enriches existing subjects earns credibility in the eyes of readers.

It's a cost-effective approach with greater influence.

Content marketing is 62% less expensive than outbound marketing yet can yield up to 3x (three times) more leads. Concurrently, by delivering content aligned with your audience's interests, you're strengthening your audience's favorable perception of your brand by offering content that actually care about.

Audiences are drawn to originality; mere repetition doesn't captivate them. Original high-quality content increases the probability of people engaging with it and sharing it on social media platforms.blogs and websites increases. Every time someone posts the link, it points back to you as the source, increasing your credibility on search engines like Google. If you continue to produce quality, original content: text, video, animation, photos, the chances of the content being shared will increase. While it may require time for this process to unfold, with the right content tailored to your audience, a sound content strategy, effective SEO tactics, and consistency, your ascent is assured.

Elevated website traffic.

Enhanced visibility and improved performance in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) equate to a greater influx of visitors to your website or e-shop. With each instance of your site's link being displayed to users, the probability of them visiting increases. This advantage is substantial, facilitating broader brand outreach through reposts on social media, appearances in search query results, backlinks, and various other avenues, thereby augmenting brand awareness.

Familiarity leads to sales.

As individuals encounter a brand across various platforms such as social media, search results, and backlinks, their recognition of it grows. Consequently,the probability of them choosing a brand they already know and hold in high regard significantly outweighs choosing an unfamiliar one.

Human perception

While search engines prioritize text, human perception is often swayed more by visuals, particularly those with motion such as animation, video, or motion graphics. Combining video, animation, and text yields the most efficient outcomes in capturing audience attention and engagement.

Post frequency

Hubspot's research reveals that brands posting at least four times a week garner five times more traffic compared to those posting less than once a week. Additionally, Curata's study of over 400 business marketers found that over 90 percent of the most successful business blogs publish new content at least once a week. If managing your digital presence detracts from your passion for your business, it may be time to seek assistance. At, we boast an exceptional team of seasoned professionals including motion designers, graphic designers, web designers, and developers, ready to help you effectively communicate your brand to your target audience.

Panagiotis Gournis